About Mindquest Global Group

We equip global and regional leaders with the skills to active talent and accelerate their results and career growth.

We noticed that while companies invest in hiring great talent, they often fail to engage and develop people to fulfill their potential.

Mindquest was founded in 2013 to prepare executives and managers for the modern leadership adventure.

Founder Kasia Gurgul

Kasia Gurgul is a trusted confidant, international certified executive coach and leadership mentor, partnering with experienced executives and managers to navigate today's business environment.

During the past 11 years, Kasia has worked closely with hundreds of global and regional leaders, including the CEO of Samsung Semiconductor, and Group CEO of the Jardine Matheson Group, as well as start up founders who are ready to grow globally.

During her 24 year international career, Kasia was a successful regional leader in a global company, where she built and led a multi-cultural team of 34 people across Asia Pacific to manage regional change at Roche Products.

Kasia has lived and worked in North & South America, Asia Pacific and Europe, bringing a broad perspective to her clients.