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We see leadership as an adventure!  Being in a constantly changing landscape requires us to be adaptable and agile.

We equip executives and managers around the globe with the skills and perspective to become world class leaders. This opens up new opportunities and options for your professional growth and career.

Our clients are busy, globally-minded leaders who want to accelerate their growth and results. They value life-long learning, yet often find they don't end up with time for what matters most.

We help our clients escape the time trap, expand their impact and get their life back, without giving up on leadership.

Get started with our Modern Leadership Self-Assessment today, then get in touch for a confidential debrief.

We ask 65 questions for a reason - we want to help you identify opportunities for your growth and remove potential blind spots that may be holding you back in your career.

Our track record is impeccable - we invite you to take a look at what our clients say.

About Mindquest Global Group

We equip global and regional leaders with the skills to active talent and accelerate their results and career growth.

We noticed that while companies invest in hiring great talent, they often fail to engage and develop people to fulfill their potential.

Mindquest was founded in 2013 to prepare executives and managers for the modern leadership adventure.

Founder Kasia Gurgul

Kasia Gurgul is a trusted confidant, international certified executive coach and leadership mentor, partnering with experienced executives and managers to navigate today's business environment.

During the past 11 years, Kasia has worked closely with hundreds of global and regional leaders, including the CEO of Samsung Semiconductor, and Group CEO of the Jardine Matheson Group, as well as start up founders who are ready to grow globally.

During her 24 year international career, Kasia was a successful regional leader in a global company, where she built and led a multi-cultural team of 34 people across Asia Pacific to manage regional change at Roche Products.

Kasia has lived and worked in North & South America, Asia Pacific and Europe, bringing a broad perspective to her clients.
Perspective fuels potential
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Executive Coaching

Executive roles are demanding in many ways. Due to power dynamics, people are less likely to be transparent with you and it is easy to end up with blind spots. Executive Coaching can help you with your executive presence, decision making, stakeholder management, strategy and self-care. Having a committed confidant to consistently support you to 'see around corners' and focus on what matters most can make all the difference. It is essential you keep your eye on the big picture, conserve your energy, and make much needed space to reflect.


Leadership Development

If you're feeling burnt out, you likely need to adjust your leadership approach to be able to maintain your leadership career. Leadership coaching & mentoring can help you expand your confidence, influence, stakeolder management, communication and delegation skills. We find most leaders are busy and trapped in patterns that hold them back from being the best leaders they can be. We'll help you change habits, remove bottlenecks so you can escape the time trap, expand your impact, and get your life back, without giving up on leadership.


Career Development

Career coaching & mentoring can help you navigate roles or careers to ensure you are growing and feeling fulfilled. If you're stagnating in your role it can be incredibly painful to feel overlooked and undervalued. Sometimes this is caused by a lack of communication and other times due to a lack of internal relationships or opportunities. Either way, it is possible to break free of the status quo and create a fulfilling future.


Travel for the Mind Getaways

In our sedentary, yet mentally busy world we all need to unplug and re-charge. We are in the process of creating amazing experiences so you can feel like your best self again. We'd love for you to join us in person to reconnect with what matters most. If you're curious to learn more, reach out and ask.


Group Leadership Training & Coaching: Coaching Fundamentals

We have a 6 week group leadership program on coaching fundamentals to help leaders implement these precious skills in the workplace and help people navigate ambiguity, priorities, and challenges like a pro. We need a minimum of 4 participants to run the program

  • Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • We currently work with clients in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.